The Damsels

Claire is a member of The Damsels - an exciting new Vintage themed singing group.

The Damsels can perform anything from modern party tunes, easy listening and also offer a fab vintage set.

We will dress up in gorgeous vintage dresses with pin up makeup too!

Listen to us in action below.

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Claire is featured in the film - 'A Confident Man'.

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TV Advert

Claire recently filmed an advert for the Daily Express - you can view this below.


Claire recently recorded a voice-reel. Please listen at your leisure.

1. Montage
2. Modern and Slight Estuary
3. Confident and Energetic
4. Slow and Calm
5. Slow and Sexy
6. American Accent and a Silly Character Voice
7. A Children's Story With Various Voices and Some Singing
8. A Nature Documentary
9. Fun and Strong
10. Children's Story-telling - Various Voices and Dialects
11. Travel Guide - Upbeat and Clear
12. Dry and Deadpan
13. Serious
14. Program Link
15. Children's Program Link
16. Murder Documentary
17. Light and Sweet

Mr Unforgettable

Claire was part of the short film - 'Mr Unforgettable'.

You can view it below.

A BEHIND THE SCENES video for Mr Unforgettable was also filmed and can be viewed below.

This was edited by Anthony Dean.